Mr Ibu’s hospital funds: Children of Nollywood actor John Okafor arrested

Popular Nollywood actor Mr Ibu
Image caption,John Okafor is known for his comic roles in a career spanning more than two decades

Two of popular Nigerian actor John Okafor’s children have been arrested for allegedly stealing money raised to pay for his hospital fees last year.

Known as Mr Ibu, the 62-year-old had a leg amputated in November after fans had donated to a crowd-funding scheme.

His son Daniel Okafor and adopted daughter Jasmine Chioma are accused of hacking into his phone and taking $60,700 (£47,800) for themselves.

The pair have not commented since their arrest in the city of Lagos.

The police issued a statement about their arrest and their investigation into the alleged fraud after the siblings appeared at a bailing hearing on Thursday.

A court said the two could be freed if a $17,000 bond was posted. They remain in custody.

The police’s criminal investigation unit said it had discovered that they had allegedly installed an app on their father’s phone after the fund-raising began.

This allegedly enabled them to start transferring money out of his account.

They are expected to appear in court on 11 March for the next hearing.

Mr Ibu’s health issues first came to public attention last October, when the family posted a video on social media of the Nollywood star celebrating in hospital. In the clip he asked his fans for help with medical bills, eliciting a huge response.

The actor became famous 20 years ago in the Nigerian comedy Mr Ibu – which became his nickname. It is still regarded as one of the best Nigerian performances in a comic role.

He went on to act in several other notable movies in Nollywood, as Nigeria’s multi-billion-dollar film industry is known, in a career that has spanned more than two decades.

The star told a local newspaper a few years ago that he had a total of 13 children some of whom were adopted.

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